A Kinesthetic Legacy

The Life and Works of Barbara Clark

A Kinesthetic Legacy is a comprehensive guide to the life and works of Barbara Clark, one of America’s most innovative, yet unassuming, body philosophers. Pamela Matt’s story of Clark’s life as a teacher of “body alignment,” working with infants, preschool children and finally, professional actors and dancers, provides invaluable background for her previously published and unpublished works. Students and teachers of dance and somatics will find A Kinesthetic Legacy to be both an important historical resource and a practical text.

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ISBN 1-881914-25-9

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Cover: A Kinesthetic Legacy



"By this book, dance educator, Pamela Matt pays homage to her mentor Barbara Clark. Matt writes beautifully and sensitively about the life and work of Clark and provides extensive practical material from Clark's teaching archives heretofore unpublished.

A dance educator who uses imagery in the classroom, or in his or her personal practice, will find any part of this book highly useful and richly engaging. A dancer can, at random, enter Clark's world on any page and find a wealth of information that could keep the body-mind spinning for days. A Kinesthetic Legacy is not only valuable as a treatise on functional anatomy, it speaks to the beauty of one woman's incredible dedication to the art and science of human movement."

— From Dance Teacher Now, written by Glenna Batson, PT, MA in an article called "Building Your Library: Support for Mental Imagery" July/August 1997.


"The nice thing about Clark's work is that it can be applied just about anywhere and anytime: standing in line at the store, driving a car or sitting at a desk — even playing with your children who can be subtly indoctrinated into the system an early age and grow up with its salubrious imagery etched in their bodies. If you are interested in movement, as an athlete, dancer, yoga student or teacher, or if you work with children or disabled people of any age, or if you just want to improve the overall quality of your life, then this book is a most valuable resource."

— From Yoga Journal written by Richard Rosen in an article called "The Ribs are Like Fingers" February 1996.



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